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  • How to cut cost without paying the price

    The secret to the world’s top-performing companies is the efficient and expertlymanaged supply chains that support them. Forward-thinking practitioners understand that the key to a well-run supply chain is to manage those things that are within [...]

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    Collaboration Concepts for Co-modality

    Horizontal collaboration and freight flow bundling can significantly improve the efficiency, sustainability and asset utilization of the European logistics network. Between September 2011-2014, the European Union is actively promoting and supporting [...]

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  • Towards a new global balance: Supply Chain & Logistics Challenges in EU – CHINA Trade – an after work network event

    After-Work Networking EventThursday January 25th, Ahlers House Antwerp, 17:30 – 21:30. TOWARDS A NEW GLOBAL BALANCE: SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS CHALLENGES IN EU - CHINA TRADE Introduction: For decades, China has been the [...]

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    Venue: Logistics Community Brabant - Breda University of Applied Sciences BUAS Breda, The Netherlands Time: 4 - 8 PM CET (10 AM - 2 PM EDT) This exclusive event is designed for Middle Management and Senior Management, as well as Operations[...]

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    The set up of supply routes from port of entry into Europe into the Hinterland remains dynamic and is influenced by a lot of individual factors, but also by macro events, such as COVID and the most recent ship congestion at the Suez Canal. In this [...]

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