• AI, Gen AI and Robotics in Supply Chain & Logistics Event Report

  • On October 26 2023, seventy supply chain professionals and students gathered in Breda at the Innovation Square of the BUAS campus to attend event on GenAI, AI and Robotics. LCB, ESCF and CSCMP Benelux hosted the exclusive event designed for Senior Management, as well as Operations Managers seeking to gain valuable insights on this hot topic.

    After a welcome by Roland van de Kerkhof from LCB and Jeroen Bolt from CSCMP Benelux, the speakers presented compelling real-world applications of AI and underlined the pivotal importance of selecting the right use cases. Felipe Chies from Amazon Web Services gave a good example from a large multinational brewer illustrating the remarkable efficiency gains attainable through AI, emphasizing the need to target areas where AI can make a significant impact. For the company, AI-driven recipe optimization resulted in a remarkable 10% improvement in operational efficiency, demonstrating AI’s potential to boost productivity while reducing costs and losses. This use case showcased how AI could enhance sustainability and efficiency within data-driven processes.

    A notable use case revolved around AI’s role in knowledge management, showcasing its transformative impact on information retrieval and search functions. By generating AI-powered summaries and advanced search capabilities, this example highlighted AI’s profound potential in revolutionizing information access and making it more efficient and valuable, particularly in training and support materials. Thorsten Schroeer from IBM stressed this during his presentation.

    Additionally, the speakers explored the integration of AI into warehousing operations, illuminating exciting opportunities for optimizing product placement and enhancing robotic systems. Jean Gateau from Geek+ explained how AI can play a crucial role in determining ideal product placement based on factors like retrieval frequency, streamlining warehouse operations, and reducing unnecessary effort. It can also optimize robotic systems through intelligent task allocation and equipment monitoring. The strategic application of AI in warehousing can lead to significant cost savings and increased productivity.

    An essential takeaway from the event was the critical importance of selecting AI use cases based on two key criteria: frequency and complexity. The brewer’s use case served as a powerful reminder of the necessity to identify processes with high data frequency, where AI can drive substantial improvements. The knowledge management example further underlined AI’s potential in enhancing information retrieval and data analysis. This strategic selection of use cases is vital to fully harness AI’s potential for productivity enhancement and cost savings.

    In conclusion, during the panel discussion, it was clear that the event showcased AI’s transformative impact across various industries and offered valuable insights into the art of choosing optimal use cases. The interaction with the audience was great and it became even more clear how the potential of AI can significantly improve productivity, refine processes, and deliver quantifiable cost savings. By using the criteria of frequency and complexity, businesses can discern the processes where AI can have the most substantial impact, thus effectively harnessing the power of AI technology.

    After the event, the audience and speakers had the chance to discuss and network more at the Innovation Square. CSCMP Benelux, LCB and ESCF thank all the attendees, sponsors and speakers for an amazing evening.

    Pictures by Koos Groenewold