• Our Team

  • The Board of CSCMP Benelux consist of the following team members

  • Michel Stekelenburg
    Role CSCMP: President
    Company: Project44

    Michel is the Director Strategic Accounts EMEA at Project44, the leader in the Supply Chain Visibility Platform Technology industry, responsible for supporting organisations in their digital transformation journey through optimised control & visibility on their end-to-end logistics processes. Michel has been a CSCMP member since 2010, holds a strong background in both the transportation, logistics and supply chain software industry and has held various international management positions at some of the thought leaders in the industry.

  • Jochum Reuter
    Role CSCMP: VP Memberships
    Company: FourKites

    Jochum is VP European operations for FourKites. FourKites is the largest predictive supply chain visibility platform, delivering real-time visibility and predictive analytics for the broadest network of Global 1000 companies and third-party logistics firms. Jochum is a member of CSCMP since 2014 and has been active on the board as Marketing chair, VP Membership and conference chair for the 2018 CSCMP European conference and ERS (European Research Seminar)

  • Sven Verstrepen
    Role CSCMP: VP of Programs & Events
    Company: Ahlers

    Sven has been an active supporter of CSCMP since 2005. He has a diverse background in supply chain operations, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. His work is currently focused on smart data analytics, network optimization and collaborative logistics from LSP perspective. In his free time, Sven likes skiing and photography.

  • Freek Brilleman
    Role CSCMP: Treasurer
    Company: BeSCOPE & Rotterdam Business School

    Freek has been a member since 2011. He has a background in Supply Chain management as manager and consultant. His work concentrates on the edge of Supply Chain and IT, with specialisation in operational and inventory management, IT and people development. After almost 6 years functioning as Secretary, Freek is currently the Treasurer of the Benelux board.

  • Rink Oord
    Role CSCMP: Secretary
    Company: ASML

    Rink joined CSCMP as a member in 2015. As a supply chain professional he built a career in multiple logistics roles with focus on innovation, strategy and IT. Within ASML he currently is working as Manager Expertise, specializing in Transportation.

  • Stan de Caluwe
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: Holland International Distribution Council

    In his role of Sr. Supply Chain Solutions Manager for the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC), Stan assists dozens of North American companies annually with their supply chain set-up or optimization by providing complimentary advice and matchmaking with HIDC’s 300 members.

  • Jeroen Bolt
    Role CSCMP: Past President & Board Member
    Company: Epic Drive

    Jeroen has been a CSCMP member since 2004. He is a Supply Chain Entrepreneur working with his company Fluas, focusing at the intersection of Supply Chain, Sustainability and Collaboration. In addition, he has reinvented the wheel with his start-up Epic Drive.

  • Asen Kalenderski
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: Amazon

    Asen has been with CSCMP since December 2014 – first as a member of the New England RT and then as a board member of the Benelux RT. Asen’s education, work and interests are focused on supply chain and business technology. In his current role at Amazon, Asen is leading a team to create transportation technology innovation.

  • Niklas Mulderij
    Role CSCMP: Young Professional Chair
    Company: Student at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS)

    Niklas joined CSCMP as a member and the Benelux RT in 2018. He has a background in maritime transport working four years for a shipping line world wide. Since 2017, Niklas is following his bachelor studies in International Logistics Engineering as well as International Logistics Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly NHTV). Within his studies he focuses on Supply Chain and operations management.


  • Dr. Chrisoula Papadopoulou
    Role CSCMP: Chair of Education
    Principal Lecturer & Program Coordinator MSC Rotterdam Business School

    Chrisoula has been a CSCMP member since 2002. She specializes in value chain, capability building and the design of large scale supply chain training programs. She is also the Editor in Chief for the European CSCMP magazine The Supply Chain Insider.

  • Marc van Pruijssen
    Role CSCMP: VP Marketing
    Company: Viroclinics-DDL

    Marc joined CSCMP Benelux end 2019 and became VP of Marketing in March 2020. He works for Viroclinics-DDL as Director of Global Logistics. Viroclinics-DDL Diagnostic Laboratory is a leading diagnostic and clinical trial operation service company supporting clinical and pre-clinical studies for drug and vaccine development for prevention and treatment of virus infections. His passion for supply chain was triggered. He initially developed a broad international supply chain experience at Amway, a leading American direct sales organization in Health and Beauty Products with a strong e-commerce backbone and and retail outlets. As Marc has a passion for change around processes, people and systems, a key component of his roles have always been around supply chain innovation and transformation program management.

  • Jan Willem Proper
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: Breda University of Applied Sciences

    Jan Willem is Associate Professor in the field of Transport and Logistics  at the Breda University of Applied Science (BUas), located in Breda, The Netherlands. He served as Dean and member of the Board of Management BUas. He is an experienced researcher and lecturer in the field of Passenger Transport and Supply Chain Management. He was the first international member of the CSCMP Board of Directors (2007-2011). Jan Willem was one of the founders of the CSCMP Benelux Round Table and still is a board member.

  • Corine van der Sloot
    Role CSCMP: VP Events
    Company: Inchainge

    Corine van der Sloot is passionate about Value Chain Management with over 10 years of experience. She has held positions in different roles in multinationals (Philips), SME’s, her privately owned company, and a start-up company. At Inchainge Corine is a senior trainer of The Fresh Connection, one of the world’s leading business strategy games in Supply Chain Management, as well as the Director of International Sales in Education, which means she is connected with the global leading universities in Supply Chain Management, working on further business development of the academic market for interactive learning tools. Corine has an APICS certification and MIT EDX Supply Chain Management. She is an entrepreneur, always looking for opportunities, signaling those opportunities, and dares to take risks if it serves a good purpose. In her private live Corine is married, has two children, and is active as a running trainer

  • Thijs Bender
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: DiLX

    Thijs Bender is a Business Development Professional at Gateway’s DiLX’ division. As a part of his current role, he is responsible for envisioning, planning, and implementing holistic growth and commercial Strategies for DiLX, to ensure market capture and enhance brand awareness. Thijs is an experienced and results-driven sales professional with over 15 years of practice in various operational and commercial roles. He commenced his career in 2002 and matured into a variety of functional roles which honed his expertise in formulating strategies. He is skilled in breaking into new and unexplored market segments for business expansion by developing grass root business networks. With his education in Logistics and Supply chain, Thijs has served various roles; from Production Planning, Consultant roles and Logistics recruitment. He further gained expertise into commercial and business development roles covering warehousing, physical distribution and freight management. Thijs has always been focussing on service solutions and has gained knowledge in commercial and account management roles across different industries. Thijs is passionate about empowering the logistics process digitally. In July 2020, Thijs successfully started his Venture; Bender Global. As a CEO of Bender global, in-depth knowledge in reverse logistics processes and solutions. The circular business model, including setting up a repair facility in the Czech Republic, has been a valuable experience for him.