• Moving Pieces: Supply Chain Resilience & Risk Mitigation in a Changing World

  • Moving Pieces

    Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Mitigation in a changing world

    September 14, Zeebrugge

  • Please join us September 14th in Zeebrugge to get a complete and in-depth overview of the most important challenges and risks Supply Chain Professionals face today. We live in a volatile and changing world, where geopolitics, cybersecurity, trade barriers and sanctions are part of our daily job. Coping with all these different risks is like playing a game of chess, in which the rules change with every move you make.

  • To help you effectively manage all these moving pieces, VIB, CSCMP and PICS Belgium have joined forces to gather insights of some of the best experts. Together they will provide you an end-to-end supply chain overview of the various relevant risks. After attending this seminar, you will not only have a clear overview of the latest developments, but you will also gather some of the latest strategies to mitigate the related risks to increase the resilience of your supply chain. Successfully dealing with supply chain disruptions has nothing to do with luck, but with preparation and pro-activeness.

    We hope to welcome you in Zeebrugge!

  • This is a joint event prganized by CSCMP Benelux, VIB and PICS Belgium. Members of CSCMP, VIB and PICS will receive a discount. Registration, information on location and background of the speakers can be found on the VIB website via this link.

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