• Discover supply chain trends during eXplore Week 2019

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    The third annual eXplore Conference and an executive workshop on the “Top 3 supply chain trends in 2019” will take place from 12 to 15 March 2019, hosted by the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL).

    For the first time, the LCL is offering supply chain and logistics researchers and professionals a week of activities. On 12 March, the third edition of the annual eXplore Conference will be dedicated to “Navigating the green supply chain”. 

  • Topics on the agenda include sustainable logistics, green energy supply chains, supply chain resilience, and incentives for greening the supply chain. Main speakers include

    • Josué Velázquez Martinez, Director of the Sustainable Logistics Initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL);
    • Associate professors Anne Lange and Nils Löhndorf (LCL)

    The conference will be followed on Wednesday through Friday with a three-day workshop that will explore three trends of 2019:

    • Sustainable Supply Chains with Josué Velázquez Martinez
    • Blockchain and Digital Supply Chains with Frank Bolten (Chainsteps)
    • Supply Chain Resilience and Mitigation with Associate Prof. Nils Löhndorf

    Participants are flexible in designing their eXplore Week schedule. All days can be booked separately (€120 for the conference on 12 December and €990 per workshop day) or as a package (€2,500 for eXplore conference + three-day workshop).

    CSCMP Members can apply for a 50% discount for the conference by sending a short email with your details via this link.

    To find out more about the events and speakers: