• 7th SCLForum 2019 Transforming Future Supply Chains

  • Continuous and accelerated disruptions on digital technologies are continuously transforming consumers behavior, so companies need to drive their operations through the adoption of improvement path by implementing  new technologies with their people in smart and proactive ways. This evolution happens not only in the short term, but also organisations need to evolve their Supply Chain Strategies for medium and long terms. The 7th Supply Chain Leadership Forum will provide you with direct learnings from thought leaders on how industries around the world are developing and applying new Digital Supply Chain Strategies and driving the organisational changes required from new consumer needs and behaviors.

    Our Keynote Speaker Dr. John GattornaCSCMP Distinguished Service Award 2018, will show you how to transform your Supply Chain from outside-in, and during all sessions you will discover how companies are changing from conventional to Digital Supply Chains considering talent, processes and technologies.

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