• Automation, processes and technology in production

  • The CSCMP Sweden Roundtable provides an unique opportunity to take part in the development and proven solutions for automated production. Engineering and technology changes the playing field for decisions about production solutions. The calculation change dramatically when the direct wage costs represent a much smaller part than the "manual or semi-automated" solutions. Fast conversion processes create flexibility in production planning. Shorter transport distances for more efficient transport solutions. Have we only seen the beginning of a paradigm shift where the robots gives us more choice, eg where in the world we are adding production? How can we create mobile factories? How do we get an easier process for duplicating? 

  • We have collected some prominent people from the research and leading company in various ways at the forefront of development.

    During the day we visit IKEA, both Central warehouse and a plant in the IKEA Industry. Due to the visits of the activities we have had to limit the number of participants (25 participants). This event will be in Swedish. For more information please contact Carl-Axel Eriksson, President of the CSCMP Sweden Roundtable.

  • Location

    IKEA Centrallager, Terminalgatan 1, 343 81 ÄLMHULT, Sweden