• WEBINAR Connecting Europe: Logistics connectivity from Benelux to Hinterland

  • The set up of supply routes from port of entry into Europe into the Hinterland remains dynamic and is influenced by a lot of individual factors, but also by macro events, such as COVID and the most recent ship congestion at the Suez Canal. In this round table webinar, key leaders from CFL-Modal, CLDN, MSC, FFWD-Rail, LuxPort and Contargo will share their future perspectives on options and drivers for the logistics connectivity set ups of their organization between Benelux and Hinterland

    This webinar on "Connecting Europe': Logistics connectivity from Benelux to Hinterland, is organised by Cluster for Logistics, CSCMP Benelux and Switzerland Round Tables and the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg.

    We look forward to welcoming you on April 14, at 4:00 PM CET!

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