• Synchromodality in Flanders

  • Opportunity or Threat?

    The CSCMP Benelux Roundtable is co-branding this VIB event in the Port of Antwerp, November 17th. At the impressive location of PSA Antwerp Northsea Terminal, Synchromodality in Flanders will be explored.

    The term 'synchromodality' has grown into fashion in the Netherlands over the last few years. Synchromodality is the optimally flexible and sustainable deployment of different modes of transport in a network under the direction of a logistics service provider, so that the customer (shipper or forwarder) is offered an integrated solution for his (inland) transport. It has been chosen as one of the key drivers of the Dutch Topsector agenda.

    During this event, for the first time the opportunities and threats of synchromodality in Flanders are discussed. What is Synchromodality? What does this mean for shippers, service providers and the infrastructure? Is Flanders ready? Important questions that will be explored.

    This event will be in Dutch, which limits the accessibility for some of our members. However due to the innovative character and potential global impact of this concept, CSCMP is supporting this event. More details on the program and registration can be found via this link.

    CSCMP members will receive a discount of €50,-.