• Innovate, Learn, Share, Collaborate, Develop & Connect with CSCMP in 2016

  • Recently on December 16th, CSCMP Benelux closed and celebrated a very exiting year. It was a year to be proud of with many achievements. To name a few: we established and registered our CSCMP foundation. We had 4 events on trending supply chain topics like cyber security, resilience, capacity utilization and synchromodality. We initiated the Student Thesis Competition. And last but not least, our foundation has grown with new talented and motivated members.

  • The Holiday season is over now. For sure 2016 will be another interesting year. Especially for you as supply chain professional, I am convinced that you will be challenged extremely to manage all external developments, supply chain trends and increasing complexity. It requires smart strategies, innovative solutions, effective processes, leadership and collaboration. By having these elements in place, you can create great value and impact.

    In 2016, CSCMP Benelux Roundtable will continue to facilitate you in managing your challenges. It is our mission to connect, educate, and develop supply chain professionals by offering a great networking platform, organizing meaningful events, and sharing the latest innovations & trends.

  • One of the initiatives is that CSCMP Benelux Roundtable will be participating in the first ever Roundtable Global Challenge. It is a cross functional supply chain management business simulation game that delivers the ultimate supply chain learning experience. January 16 we will host the Benelux round in Breda, where teams from all across our region will compete to decide which team will represent our Roundtable in the global rounds. 

  • Besides this event, we are developing a great program with interesting supply chain networking events on trending topics like horizontal collaboration & capacity sharing and the physical internet.

    On behalf of the CSCMP Benelux Cabinet, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and all the best for 2016. I am looking forward to meeting you soon in our network!

  • By Bas Daver. Bas is Treasurer of the CSCMP Benelux Roundtable and principal at Chainalytics.