• CSCMP Benelux Annual Magazine 2017 Edition

  • The CSCMP Annual Magazine 2017 Edition of the Benelux Roundtable is an educational and informative yearly periodical, providing highlights of the latest news and events in the world of Supply Chain Management.

  • The 2017 Edition is structured in three main parts: informative Supply Chain articles, CSCMP Events and Conferences, and the SCPro Certification.

    The magazine starts with the President's Welcome of the Benelux Roundtable, Jeroen Bolt, in which he highlights that CSCMP supports all its members to reach the X-Factor, which makes the difference between good and extraordinary, by providing an international network, education and connecting opportunities.

    The first pillar of the magazine delivers the latest content and insight. The main theme of the articles is defined by the focus on the future of the Supply Chain. Subsequently, topics such as The Future of Transportation Systems, Blockchain & Logistics, Planning the Future of Supply Chain, Future Integration and the Future of Logistics are presented.

    The second pillar is related to the Events section of the CSCMP as an organization. As such, the Annual 2016 CSCMP Conference in Orlando, organized in September, is presented in summary with learnings, from the CSCMP Spain Roundtable President Miquel Serracanta.

    Additionally, a topic of common interest among supply chain professionals, which is continuous self-development, is also included in the magazine, and it is tackled by the article " Choosing the right professional training: The DRIVEN Toolkit" written by our Editor-in-Chief and Chair of Education of the Benelux Roundtable, Chrisoula Papadopoulou.

    The third pillar presents the SCPro Certification Program, including the Learning Blocks, the advantages of obtaining the certification and the three levels of Certification to be attained.

  • In conclusion, Dear CSCMP Members enjoy reading the CSCMP Magazine 2017 Edition!

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