• Cost Cutting & Collaboration

  • Cutting costs has become a primary focus, following the current economic situation in Russia. Combining the urgency on finding opportunities to cut costs and the imperative to build stronger supply chains in the long term, will help organizations to overcome tough periods. By sharing experiences, supply chain professionals, such as yourself, can learn how fellow colleagues are currently leading their organizations.

    We are therefore pleased to announce the next Supply Chain Roundtable, that will be hosted by Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University on 25th February.

    The sessions will include:

    • NLMK: Stock Reduction in the Supply Chain through Cross-Functional Collaboration
    • Visagio: Zero-Based Budgeting: a Step-Change Approach on Cutting Costs
    • Heineken: Optimization of Raw & Packaging Material Stocks through Cross-Functional MRP Project
    • GSOM SPbU: Moderated Discussion: Leading your Supply Chain through Economic Crisis

    To find out more and register, please visit www.supplychainseries.com.