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  • Opinions and experiences from Supply Chain Professionals

    CSCMP Benelux invites Supply Chain Professionals to share their opinions, observations, ideas and experiences.

  • 4 Ways Blockchain Will Change Supply Chain Forever

    The supply chain industry isn’t known for being a first adopter – it’s still learning to use data, leverage mobile devices and take advantage of the sharing economy. This might be changing though. Last week, eft attended the CSCMP [...]

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    Radical new sources vital for Supply Chain continuity

    To make sure your supply chain will remain in the best possible shape, it is vital to hire, train, retain and commit the best possible people for the positions you have or will have. Most organizations have set up one or more routes to hire the best [...]

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    Innovate, Learn, Share, Collaborate, Develop & Connect with CSCMP in 2016

    Recently on December 16th, CSCMP Benelux closed and celebrated a very exiting year. It was a year to be proud of with many achievements. To name a few: we established and registered our CSCMP foundation. We had 4 events on trending supply chain [...]

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    Five days of networking, learning and experiencing CSCMP

    In an earlier article on this website you could have read that I, Iris Kauffeld, won a trip to the annual conference in San Diego. In this blog I will share some of my experiences during the conference with you. This year's annual conference took [...]

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    Global Learnings from Overseas

    Attending a professional conference is always something that you know it will require an extra-effort before and after it to cope with day-to-day responsibilities ... And that´s exactly why so many professionals and executives have no time to attend[...]

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    Airbags and Supply Chain Leadership

    The replacement of 34 million airbags that the automotive part manufacturer Takata has to execute in what is one of the biggest recalls ever, cannot easily be underestimated. Apparently, the airbag inflators were not properly sealed leading to [...]

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