• Big Data in Logistics: Forecasting, Optimization and Planning

  • Supply Chain Conference: Big Data in Logistics

    Location: Vlerick Business School, Brussels, Belgium

  • On November 22nd, 2016, Vlerick Business School, Transmetrics en McKinsey organise a senior level diner on Big Data in Logistics in partnership with CSCMP Benelux, VIB and ELA.


    About the Conference 2016

    Over the past few years, with the proliferation of ERP, TMS, WMS and BI systems, supply chain organizations have seen an exponential increase in the availability of real-time data from almost every aspect of the operations. While turning the raw data into a relevant insight is an increasingly difficult task, analyzing this data in a smart way can help logistics companies reduce their operational costs.

    Although it is often claimed that the “data is the new oil”, the reality is that most supply chain organizations are ill-equipped to deal with the substantial volume of data. Very few logistics departments have the required knowledge, resources, or tools to make the most of the available information. The ability to transform “Big Data” into “Smart Data” is quickly becoming one of the most needed skills in the logistics industry. Innovative application areas in this new domain can range from computer assisted freight flow visualization, network modeling and simulation, to demand forecasting, scenario planning, and risk management.

    At this interactive conference, we will share best practices of how shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers are deploying “Smart Data” strategies to gain a competitive edge.